Imagin if every friday, you could be under the sun, listening to music, drinking a tasty cocktail with your friends, in a free open air in Brussels. Woudln't be the best way to start the week-end ? Definitely yes, and especially when it's true. 

For 12 years now, Aperos Urbains is one of the most well known rendez vous during summer. Every friday, we bring people together around different activities with our partners. 

The aim : Bring people at the same place to share a happy moment all together

When : From 5 pm to 11.30 pm

For who ? Everybody 

Where : Always outside in different key places of Brussels. And when it rains no worries we have the solution ; ) 

Our baseline : Simplicity, Happiness, Originality, Friendliness. 

If you could come up with a single line of text that captures the equation of Aperos Urbains it will be : sharing a moment with your friends, family, colleagues under the sun, listening music, laying on the grass, playing cards, dancing with your lover, making people happy in their own city.