Porte de Hal

Dear Apéros Urbains community,

After the wonderful time we spent with you at Mont Des Arts, it’s time to see you again at Porte de Hal. It’s one of our favorite place and we know you like it as much as we do.
We will be there from 5 pm to 11.30 pm with good music, cool workshops and amazing food

Workshops :

Beerstorming : 
This one is for beer lovers and we know you are Discover this new concept made in Brussels and how to create your own beer !

Cityzen : 
Come with your kids and try how to drive an hoverboard ! 

Titulus Pictus : 
You like wine but you never know which one is your favorite ? Discover with titulus the story of your favorites ones through a wine tasting ! 


Drinks :

To avoid the queue, we create with the support of Deliveroo a digital bar. You can order your drinks via the app and skip the line. As soon as you drinks are ready, you receive a message and you just have to go to Deliveroo’s bar & get your drinks !

Food :
Order food and receive a voucher at the stand for your first order ! 


Urban Cook - Food Truck
Gio's Strada
Didine Cooking
- Thai Live

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Lots of hugs, 
Apéros Urbains